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Work Procedure

This demo web application showcases the HOOPS Web Platform. HOOPS Exchange has been used to read and convert an automobile door, interior panel, armrest, and window switch into a lightweight streaming form. HOOPS Communicator displays the CAD data in a 3D viewer as part of a thin client application. The Bootstrap front-end component library provides unique styling of the application.

Automatic highlighting within the main 3D viewer forces the display of individual parts into a second 3D view for inspection. Metadata about that part, possibly from both the CAD model or an external database, like price, can be linked to a unique ID and displayed.

Because of HOOPS Communicator’s powerful JavaScript API, we can programmatically create an animation that shows disassembly and reassembly of the door, including detailed zoomed views. We can change the view, add redline markup, and change the visibility and opacity of objects.

Try it Yourself: (fullscreen)

Github: https://github.com/techsoft3d/work-procedure


Last Updated: May 13th 2020

Experimental Project

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