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Server Side Render Demo


This demo showcases Server-Side Rendering which is an optional rendering mode available for the HOOPS Web Viewer. This is a very powerful rendering option if clients of your application are often viewing large models or if many of the users of your application are viewing on underpowered devices.

Server-Side Rendering is also a good rendering option if the security of your CAD data is important. Since all of the rendering happens on your own server, your clients will only receive images of the rendered result. Server-Side Rendering is more complex than the other rendering options available and also requires a GPU enabled server which can be expensive. Because of this, SSR is not a good solution for all applications, however if you would like to take the rendering workload off of your client devices, or if you would like to ensure that your CAD data is not streamed to your clients, then SSR may be a good solution for you.

To use this demo, simply hover over the Models dropdown to switch between the available models. Additionally, some models have different views available that can be cycled through using the Views dropdown. Through Server-Side Rendering, these models should render quickly regardless of the resources available on the viewing device.

How it was implemented:

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Last Updated: Friday, June 16, 2023

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