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Polygonica Demo Viewer

This Windows desktop application showcases how Tech Soft and Machine Works SDKs can work together to create a powerful additive manufacturing application. We started with the HOOPS Demo Viewer. This demo application uses HOOPS Exchange to read more than 30 CAD file formats and HOOPS Visualize to view and interact with the 3D data.

Mesh data loads into Machine Work’s Polygonica SDK, which analyzes it for 3D printing. Errors are displayed and healed with Polygonica. Using Polygonica, the mesh can be simplified and hollowed out.

Try it out:

Reach out to for a download link.

Bridge code between HOOPS Visualize and Polygonica is available upon request. Please email

Current Build:

The embedded license is good until April 1, 2022.

Questions or Feedback?

We are looking for feedback and how this toolkit can be improved to meet your needs! Please connect in our forum.

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