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Mobile AEC Viewer Demo

This demo uses a very common inspection workflow to illustrate how HOOPS Communicator can be used to create a browser based mobile CAD viewing application for the BIM industry. Once the app is opened, you can sync the application to a viewpoint in a real-world building. From there, you can pan and tilt your device to look around within the application. You can use the provided walk buttons within the demo to update your location as you walk around in a real-world building.

You can also click on elements within the IFC model to show any metadata present. This metadata can be used to compare to any real world objects that you may be viewing so that you can approve or reject the work. Additionally, you can take a picture of the real-world object and attach it to the approval/rejection to be viewed later. There are also a few predefined viewpoints within the app that can be used to easily cycle through different locations within the model, and also a 2D view to show you where you are in the building as you walk along. This building workflow demo is completely hypothetical and is just used to be an example of how HOOPS Communicator could be used in a real-world inspection workflow.

How it was implemented:

Demo Walkthrough Video

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Last Updated: Monday, June 26, 2023

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