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Manufacturing Control System Demo

This demo showcases how HOOPS Communicator can be connected to a database backend for things like ERP and PLM systems to visualize and display manufacturing data for different parts and assemblies. This demo also shows how HOOPS Communicator can be used to quickly change part attributes based on user interaction and incoming data from a database.

To use this demo there is a part filter which can be used to show parts only from specific manufacturers. Additionally, you can enable a filter by price range which will only show parts available within the user specified range. You can do the same for part inventory as well. For price range, you can also turn on a gradient which provides even more visible information giving the viewer an idea of how much a certain part costs based on the color. Lastly, there is part detail dropdown available in the top right corner of the web viewer. When a part is selected, the additional metadata is pulled from the database backend to reveal additional part details.

How it was implemented:

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Last Updated: Monday, June 26, 2023

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