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Large Factory with Robots

This demo showcases how HOOPS Communicator can be used to animate large AEC models. Within this demo, there are several robotic arms that are being animated from data stored on a remote server. You can synchronize views so that the screens are mirrored across all devices connected to this demo. Any markups added to the scene are also mirrored across any connected devices as well. When navigating through the demo, you will see animated robots operating, you can click on or hover over these robots to see each robot’s operating status.

To operate this demo you can simply click and drag to walk through the model. Additionally, this demo comes with some predefined operator buttons at the bottom of the page. The first button will take you back to the default view, the second button allows you to toggle view synchronization on and off, the third button allows you to toggle markup on and off, the fourth button will show you factory statistics, and the fifth button allows you to toggle ambient occlusion on and off.

How it was implemented:

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Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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