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CAD Model Streaming Demo


This demo showcases the basic functionality and UI of the HOOPS Web Viewer, specifically with regard to displaying MCAD models of various big and small assemblies. The HOOPS Web Viewer supports the full richness of engineering data including product structure, PMI, filters and layers, physical properties and more. The HOOPS Web Viewer also comes with complex CAD interrogation tools and operators including precise measurement, extensive set of 3D and 3D markup functionality, and more.

This demo also highlights the streaming capabilities of the HOOPS Stream Cache Server which is a subcomponent of HOOPS Communicator. The models shown in this demo are hosted on a server which runs the HOOPS Stream Cache Server. Through this, the requested CAD data is streamed interactively to the client. The HOOPS Stream Cache Server optimizes streaming so that the most important data for current view of the user is streamed in first. This means that your users do not need to wait for the entire CAD model to be streamed in before they are able to interact with it.

To use this demo, simply select the model that you would like to view from the Models dropdown available on the right hand side of the screen.

How it was implemented:

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Questions or Feedback?

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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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