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Exchange Toolkit

HOOPS Exchange is a powerful SDK capable of reading more than 30 different CAD file formats. It provides detailed access to the file contents through an API that allows a programmer to traverse the CAD assembly structure and topology. The Exchange data model is a necessarily complex one. It captures macro- and microstructures from multi-file assemblies down to the geometry for individual parts. As a result, traversing the available data structures can be challenging.

To address this challenge, the Exchange Toolkit provides functions for easily accessing specific parts of the data model. The toolkit is a set of tools that make common workflows easier, including computing the net transform of a part, computing the net visual style of a part, obtaining an indexed triangle mesh of a part, linking tessellation to the B-Rep, and linking markup items to the B-Rep.

Github repo: https://github.com/techsoft3d/ExchangeToolkit

Full documentation: https://techsoft3d.github.io/ExchangeToolkit/

Request a 60-day evaluation of HOOPS Exchange: https://pages.techsoft3d.com/evaluate

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Last Updated: February 26th 2020

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