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Exchange Sharp

A C# Language Binding for HOOPS Exchange

HOOPS Exchange, part of the HOOPS Native Platform, is a powerful SDK capable of reading more than 30 different CAD file formats. It provides detailed access to the file contents through an API that allows a programmer to traverse the CAD assembly structure and topology.

HOOPS Exchange is a C library. Traditionally a developer needed to write a mananaged/unmanaged bridge to use Exchange within .NET applications.

ExchangeSharp is a direct C# language binding for HOOPS Exchange implemented in the namespace TS3D.Exchange.Direct. It is created using libclang to parse the Exchange headers. By traversing the declarations, we have reasonable certainty for complete coverage.

"Direct" implies that the C# syntax you will use to access Exchange will closely resemble its C counterpart. Functions are looked up in the Exchange library and directly invoked.

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Last Updated: March 2nd 2021

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