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Electron Viewer

Electron is an exciting technology that allows developers to build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Visual Studio Code, Slack, Discord, and Skype all use the Electron framework to create their native desktop applications.

The HOOPS Web Platform (HWP) is a powerful web technology. What would it look like powering a native desktop CAD viewer? We’ve created an Electron-based demo that uses the HWP's server-side CAD converter to read and load files. The application then uses HWP’s client-side web viewer to visualize and interact with the 3D data. The project is capable of running as a native application on your desktop operating system of choice.

The benefits are immediate. A development team could maintain a single codebase for their web, Windows, Linux, and Mac applications.

Github repo: https://github.com/techsoft3d/communicator_demo_viewer

Try it:

  • Download and extract package
  • Run communicator_demo_viewer.exe
  • Load one of over 30 supported CAD files or the sample file in /models.

Notes: Project built for Windows. For linux and OSX, clone github repo and build yourself.

Built with: HOOPS Web Platform 2019 SP2 U1

This license is good until July 1, 2020


Last Updated: February 24th 2020
Project Size: 305 MB

Experimental Project

No Official Support

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