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Collaborator Demo


This demo shows how HOOPS Communicator can be used to create a collaborative screen mirror application for viewing 3D engineering data. This demo monitors how many users are connected to it at one time and uses to manage the screens of active users of the demo. Through the view is mirrored across all screens connected no matter how the model or environment is changed by any of the users.

You can operate this demo by navigating to the demo url on two or more different screens. These two screens can be on the same device or multiple devices. Once the demo is opened on multiple screens you should notice that the model looks exactly the same on each. You can then begin to manipulate the model on one of the screen, and you should see the same action being taken on the opposite screen. This is true for all interactions with the demo including rendering changes, markup, explosions, isolations, etc.

Demo Walkthrough Video

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Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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