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Cement Plant Demo


This demo showcases the OnDemand loading streaming feature of HOOPS Communicator, which makes it possible to load only the product structure of a model initially and then stream the rest of the data from the server based on user interaction. Utilizing this functionality can be beneficial when viewing huge assemblies especially on devices with constrained resources like phones or low-end laptops. The DWG assembly used in this example has more than 160 Million triangles and many thousand individual parts.

On the startup of the demo, you can see the bounding boxes of the models begin to populate. On the right-hand side you will also see a scrollable list where you can request a model if it has not already been brought into the scene, or you can view a model if it is already available in the scene. You can request these models individually, or you can request the entire model.

How it was implemented:

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Last Updated: Friday, June 16, 2023

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