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We developed this project through a partnership with Sanna.io to showcase integration between the HOOPS Web Platform and Sanna’s fronted UI Toolkit and backend BIM Connector.

HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Communicator, both part of the HOOPS Web Platform, are used to convert a 3D Revit file and accompanying 2D DWG files into a lightweight streaming format for display in a web browser. Sanna’s BIM Connector does the complicated job of connecting 2D objects with their 3D counterparts. HOOPS Communicator displays the graphical objects and links selection between the two. Selection occurs in both the 2D & 3D model trees at the same time.

Sanna’s 3D-centric UI enables powerful data aggregation, organization, and search functions within the model browsers. Filter objects by building domain, floor, or status. Objects like “windows” or “doors” are searchable from the model tree, and the results automatically populate in the 2D & 3D views.

Other powerful features include a timeline viewer that changes object visibility by date and a task scheduler that connects tasks to objects. This demo illustrates how easy it is to connect the HOOPS Web Platform to other engineering tools, UI toolkits, and data sources.

Try it Yourself at ui.sanna.io/aecapp/

Please contact us if you'd like a closer look at this integration and the tools used.


Last Updated: August 20th 2020

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